Fatehsagar Lake Palace, Udaipur.

Know the 10 Places that make Udaipur a romantic destination

While deciding on visiting a beautiful and romantic place, Rajasthan might not cross your head. With unending large mass of sand dunes and scorching heat, you might not even want to consider it for the freshness you want to revive and celebrate your love with your honey. However, allow us to bring you a beautiful not-sunny but a green lush romantic surprise from the land of desert sure to make you say “wow” with it’s witty regal architecture, romanticized landscape and azure inter-connected lakes that is sure to zest up your love life.

Udaipur is known as the lake City of India. The city is etched with marvellous landscape, hemmed in the gigantic and lush green Aravalli hills. It’s like peaking through colorful glasses and becoming one with the beauty of the city. From lakes to palaces to beautiful picnic spots to the Indian bazars that make your heart melt there is everything a love story needs for celebration. Called as Venice of the east… The beauty of the city is one to behold. It is also one of the most preferred tourist destination of India. Plan your honeymoon, or celebrate your anniversaries, or why not propose your love for marriage at the epitome of beauty- city of udaipur a perfect tour destination for reviving your love bonds.

Monsoon Palace aka Sajjan Garh

A beautiful monsoon palace hidden in the gorgeous green valleys of Aravalli, is just the right place to hold your partners hand and enjoy the vista of the whole city in one glace. A sight to behold, here you can see beautifully woven lakes in the middle of the bustling city.

And not just for the sight but the architecture of the fort is beautiful example of the regal rajputs the once ruled the land. Also here is a Taj run hotel where you can enjoy a beautiful evening and see the city glistening in dim evening lights and enjoy a delicious candle light dinner giving you memories to keep close to heart till the end of life.

The City Palace

The City palace one of the iconic places to visit when you are in the Udaipur. The palace have some of the vintage artefacts, paintings and Royale decor to explore. The palace was built in 1725, you can experience the beauty and the Royal era coming alive again, firing up the flames of love to be cherished in heart. Ornately decorated terraces, walls, ceilings just pep up your love story upgrading it to avant garde Royal upgrade. Run your fingers on the walls and feel the stories etched in the palaces and get transported into the era.

Exquisite sunset at Dudh Talai

Walk to witness the exquisite sunset at Dudh Talai, storing a beautiful laid out “Rock Garden” from where one can enjoy mesmerizing view of the sunset alongside Lake Pichola and a panoramic view of old city. It is also famously called “The Sunset Point”, the spot is something where you might want to renew you vows and explore new heights of love in the gorgeously nature painted backdrop transporting you to seventh heaven.

Vintage collection of classic car

Udaipur Museum of car has best car collection. You can see the collection of vintage car belonging to the Maharajas of Mewar, which has some of the most rare car models. All the cars are well maintained and part of the collection of the reigning Maharaja clearly defining his love for card and vintage. The museum also has a restaurant owned by HRH group of hotels which provides a wide assortment of cultural and international cuisines giving you great opportunity to explore various cultures together like an adventure.

A Walk in the old.

What is most peaceful for couple than a walk , the old city of Udaipur is ready to provide you with the best walks of your life with your partner. The streets of palace road are filled with traditional arts, leather mojdis, silver and stone jewellery ,traditional clothes for you to explore and feel the rich culture of Rajasthan . Also you can visit some of the old Havelis and historic temples.

Nehru Garden

Nehru Garden the place where you want to be and don’t want to be miss if you are not alone. The Nehru Garden definitely needs your time and in return is ready to provide you an exotic day ,the Garden is on the Island sitting in Fatehpur Sagar Lake. And yes you get to enjoy a adventurous and memorizing boat ride to the garden where you are sure to enjoy some lone time with your love. The Boat Shape Café provide you with delicious food so that you can have romantic lunch and dinner while you are in Nehru garden and enjoy the wonderful view of city while surrounded by water together.

Exploring Lake Pichola

Udaipur is known for its lakes infact it is famous as the city of lakes .The Pichola Lake is man made lake and famous among people for its beauty. You can enjoy a Boat ride in the lake, exploring the city from water is the delight ,provides you with whole new perspective of the city .Also you can visit various temples and other landmarks of Udaipur.

The lake is also popular among couples for its evening as it is the most wonderful experience, the sun seems to set in the lake water thus the water change its colour reflects sky it starts to seems that you are on sky itself. To have someone with you during this sunset is a treat for both of you.

Shilpgram-Artisan’s Village

Traditional architecture , muddy huts ,old customs , beautiful painting and murals are the few things to view in Shilpgram . The village is famous for its art and is hub to many artisan , they bring you the ancient arts which passed down from generations. You can witness the traditional customs of tribe of the village.

The experience of folk song and witnessing tribes following their age old customs in their everyday life is treat to have . You can just have walk with your partner and let the things and beauty of the place come to you . Trying to understand the new culture with someone you love can be the most memorable and enjoyable moment you both can cherish.

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The Fateh Sagar Lake and Rani Road

The beautiful Fatehpur sagar lake is surrounded by the Aravalli range from three sides, just imagine the scene a breath taking experience a sight to behold. The peaceful ambience of lake ,soothing cool breeze and enjoying a boat ride with your love …liberating you from the world and taking you in a place where which is flourished by you and only you both. Now that’s some quality time you must look for.

Also you can explore Rani Roads and experience of the streets of Udaipur. The streets is ready to make your time great as it is filled with numerous of food joint to give you the taste of Mewar.

Lavish dinner at The Jagmandir Palace

What is more romantic than to have a delicious dinner and spend a wonderful quality time with your loved one ,the dinner at Jagmandir Palace is thing you must look for. Situated in between lake Pichola ,provide you with a wonderful view . The Hotel is run by Taj group of Hotels and provide with some delicious food to enjoy with your partner.

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