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Discover this remote Himalayan land on a tailor-made tour, uncovering monasteries, dzongs and isolated rural communities

The country where progress is measured on the happiness of their citizens lies in the Eastern Himalayas between India & China, probably the last unspoilt country on this earth. Its deep Buddhist tradition, remoteness & isolated culture makes it the best country for authentic adventures that separates it from the world. Bhutan is so diverse that it can be visited any time of the year with its climate & landscapes that varies from region to region, if you go to the south you’ll find subtropical plains, in center temperate forest & the glacial peaks in the north. It offers magnificent landscapes, ample of trekking opportunities, monasteries, dzongs, ultimate culture, stunning architecture and wildlife that can baffle your mind.

Bhutan is last Shangri La and due to the isolated location, it’s still embellished with cultural originality. You’ll see this in the intricate architecture of monasteries and temples, colorful national dress, unique masked dancers in festivals, mouth-watering cuisine. For Bhutan we can plan a luxury holiday with a growing selection of luxury hotels and lodges with insider access, trekking whether it is day long or a complete schedule on ancient trails or just customize it on your own & solve the enigma with our range of itineraries to Bhutan as mentioned below.


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