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Discover the megacities of Beijing and Shanghai, walk the Great Wall and cruise the Yangtze on a tailor-made China tour

A country of stock contrasts attracts the world with its cultural diversity & massive metropolises, her enchanting charisma never fails to cease your mind, body & soul. From borders with Mongolia & Russia in the north to Myanmar & Vietnam in the south, from India in the west to Japan in the east, China holds the tag of world’s largest populous country – about 1/5th of the entire population on earth.

Holidays in China are sure to leave you lost for words that includes the highlights of hiking to the Great Wall to uncrowded areas with views of craggy peaks and lush green forests, imagine yourself being in storybooks or mythical tales while cruising the Li River including the tall picturesque views of Karst mountains at every bend. Terracotta Warriors of Xian, Shanghai’s frenetic markets, Pandas in Chengdu, Lhasa in Tibet, a Forbidden City in Beijing, learning Tai Chi in Beijing Park, relaxed cruising on Yangtze River & much more. It has everything to offer all the year for everyone but with our expert travel designers, we can create a well-paced itinerary including China’s rich history, ancient traditions, gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, cultural sites & lifestyles.

China is also home to over 100 of different ethnic groups including Mongolians, Manchus, Uighurs, Tartars, Tibetans, Bais, and the Dong and Lisu tribal peoples. With our expertize we take you to the far flung villages of Yunnan & Tibet where you can see the farmers toiling in rice fields, famers ploughing and some other communities which are enticing and hard to believe while we compare to the ultra-modern cities.

Browse our China sample tours below & let us allow to create a unique perfect holiday of this massive country for you.


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