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Explore the Unexplored Beautiful Destinations of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is rightly said as the Heart of the Country, India. It is surrounded or in better words, protected by all the other states. Every inch of Madhya Pradesh is enriched by the richness of the historic cultural heritage of India due to an unending list of dynasties that ruled over Madhya Pradesh and left some of their marks on its land.

Surprisingly, Madhya Pradesh is the only state in India where one can explore the Cultural Heritage of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Jainism.

I bet you might not have explored Madhya Pradesh before reading this blog.

The state is a blend of perfection in natural beauty and history. Popular hill ranges include the Vindhyas, and the Satpuras whereas the most popular rivers include Narmada, Tapti, Chambal, Sone, Betwa, and Mahanadi. With extraordinary architecture and scenic beauty, three places from Madhya Pradesh are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO:

  • The Khajuraho Group of Monuments
  • Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi
  • The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Apart from these popular places of Madhya Pradesh, there are some unexplored places that are definitely worth your holiday trip.

The list below is prepared by segregating these places according to their respective cities.

  • Bhopal– Bhopal, popularly known as ‘city of lakes’. This place consists some of the replicas of the Historic evolution of mankind along with the scenic beauty of Lakes and Dams.
  • Indore– A city with spectacular architecture has breathtaking beauty with Patalpani Waterfall and Tincha Waterfall. Indore white church and Lal Baag palace are another beautiful places to visit.
  • Gwalior– The city with a rich background of ancient history has many forts and places worth visiting for its architectural expertise. Along with that, Tigra Dam and Madhav National Park are two natural places with stunning beauty.
  • Mandu– Mandu or Madhavgarh, is known for its scenic landscape. Along with caves and museums, it has Rupmati Pavilion and Echo Point.
  • Omkareshwar – With architectural excellence and natural beauty, in between two loft hills and valleys, this place is a land of temples for Hindus.
  • Orchha – An underestimated city for holiday destination, but a place completely worth one visit. It has wildlife Sanctuaries, Palaces, Chattris Cenotaphs and much more that makes it’s a surprising tourist destination.

For the lovers of the chilled, romantic and peaceful ambiance of Hill Stations, Madhya Pradesh fulfills your demands at Panchmarhi, Amarkantak, and Shivpuri.

Last but not the least, folk and tribal Fairs and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh has no replacement at any corner of the world. Customs and Beliefs of natives add an innocent color to complete Madhya Pradesh.

With all the variations, from history to nature, from Kama Sutra to festival, Madhya Pradesh is definitely a place to explore the unexplored. Travel Now with Turban Adventures – Offer Customized Tour itineraries for Madhya Pradesh according to your budget and requirements!!!

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