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Offbeat travel destinations in India for rejuvenating holidays

Are you an intrepid traveller looking for offbeat travel destinations in India? When the holiday bells ring, it is the time for us to explore the unexplored destination spots in India. In this blog we have covered all such destinations ranging from the Greatest Mountains you can go for trekking to the fascinating lakes you have never seen before in India.

Then what are you looking for?? Read on!!

4 Best Offbeat travel destinations in India

  1. Khajjar: It is one of the beauty spots you need to visit in the Himachal Pradesh. The scenery would be like a forest dotted with many hills, meadows and lakes. It is also knows as Mini Switzerland of India.
  2. Malana: This beautiful destination is also located in the Himachal Pradesh. One of the interesting facts is that the occupants in this area consider themselves to be the successors of Alexander the Great and consider themselves superior to others.
  3. Kausani: This place is blessed with beautiful sceneries which captivate your eyes in the midst of the dense forests of Uttarakhand. It is also known that, Mahatma Gandhi always found his calmness and peace in this place.
  4. Khajuraho: If you are a person who likes to visit a lot of pilgrims then this place is for you. Don’t miss it!! It is designated as one of the UNESCO’s world Heritage site in India. Any architect can fall in love with this place for the beautiful sculptures carved in and around the temple!

So, these are few of my favourite offbeat travel destinations in India which made me find my inner self (Do try visiting the 3rd spot). Do comment your favourite offbeat travel destinations in India and why you like them? in the comment section below and let’s connect together.

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