Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park.

Rajasthan Wildlife Tour: Unstoppable Adventure

Rajasthan is not just about huge palaces and royal lifestyle but it is also a popular adventure destination that offers tourists number of wildlife sanctuaries to experience the wildlife joy. The number of Rajasthan wildlife tours designed for national and international tourists takes them to the unforgettable journey while on the way explore number of local delights as well.

Bhensrod Garh

Bhensrod Garh

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Depending on their interests tourists can choose to visit Bhensrod Garh, Desert National, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Jaisamand, Kumbhalgarh, Ranthambore Park, Keoladeo National, Park etc. These sanctuaries have many animals of different species that are rare to see elsewhere.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is one of the rarest national sanctuaries widely popular for massive lion and tiger population. In conjunction with lion and tigers, you will get to watch species of various kinds such as more than three hundred species of birds, mammals of around thirty species, Nilgai, porcupines, wild boar, spotted deer, and Indian hare.

The park is also famous for its Predator species such as jackals, Leopard and Jungle cat. You can see all this and much more in open Jeep Safari.

The unique charm of experiencing the Rajasthan wildlife tour is in the winter season. Generally, the days are warm, which urge the wildlife animals to come out of their comfort zone and bask under the warm sun. Also, winter comes right after the Autumn season when the grasses have dried up and trees have very few leaves all this makes spotting animals and birds quite easy.

Some of the popular options to choose from are Ranthambore Tiger Safari Packages, Sariska National Park Packages, Bharatpur Bird Watching & Wildlife Safari Packages and Rajasthan Wildlife with Golden Triangle.

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